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Published Dec 13, 21
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Travelers these days have several options when it comes to international phone plans and calling options — the trick is knowing which one will work best for your situation without costing a ton of money. Traveling abroad with your phone For most international travelers, keeping their own phone while traveling abroad is nonnegotiable.

Data can also add up quickly, especially if you're using social media or GPS. We suggest using the Google-run Datally app on your phone before your trip to identify where you use the most data. Get a sense of how much data you might need, and plan to control your usage when you travel.

And be sure to turn off all apps after you use them so they don't continue to run in the background. You'll also want to make sure your device works abroad as most new phones do. Call your service provider to ask, or check using the website . The best international phone plans Assuming your phone is capable of being used abroad, here's what you should know about some of the best international phone plans provided by the major carriers.

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The monthly cost of your base plan, plus $5 per day per device for calls made in Mexico or Canada. For $10 per day per device, you'll get coverage in 185+ countries. The number of minutes you can use on Travel, Pass is equivalent to the number on your domestic plan.

High-speed data applies for the first 512 MB per day, with 2 GB of reduced speed after you reach the limit. Learn more about Verizon's other international services and pricing on their website. AT&T International Day Pass The AT&T International Day Pass is great for those who need short-term access to cellphone data while traveling outside of North America.

While traveling outside these countries, the AT&T International Day Pass is worth considering. $10 per day for the pass in more than 100 countries where the International Day Pass is available. The number of minutes you can use is equivalent to the number on your domestic plan, plus unlimited calls back to the U.S.

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The same rules and restrictions that apply to data on your domestic plan also apply on the International Day Pass. AT&T Passport For the more frequent traveler, AT&T Passport is an excellent option. You will have cellphone access in . The pricing model is most effective for someone who is overseas regularly and needs consistent cellphone access.

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35 cents per minute. Passport provides unlimited texts anywhere in the world at no additional charge. 2GB or 6GB of data included, based on which plan you select. Learn more about AT&T's other international services and pricing . T-Mobile T-Mobile offers three different plans that range in price and features.

Keep in mind that the service is "2G" in most countries (4G in Mexico and Canada on certain plans), so web surfing or streaming will be significantly slower. Varies, depending on which plan you select. Unlimited. Unlimited. Unlimited. Learn more about AT&T's other international services and pricing . Sprint Global Roaming This carrier doesn't provide a traditional international plan, but it does include Sprint Global Roaming for smartphones that are LTE/GSM-capable (which includes any i, Phone after the i, Phone 5).

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Customers with other devices, unfortunately, don't have a way to opt in. While it depends on the destination, customers can expect to pay 20 cents per minute during a call. Global Roaming grants unlimited texts for most destinations. Customers get unlimited data at 2G speeds for free, but they can purchase a data pass to gain speeds of up to 4G.

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Canada & Mexico$2$10Most destinations$5$25Other destinations$10$50 If you plan on traveling to Japan, for $5/month, you can receive high-speed data, texting and voice calls. Learn more about Sprint's international services and fees . Google Fi Formerly known as Project Fi, Google has introduced their own cellphone service that is excellent for world travelers.

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One of the better features of Google Fi is the choice to choose between a "pay for what you use" and unlimited pricing model. If you are consistently near Wi-Fi and don’t use your phone much, you can earn significant savings by using your phone strategically. If you use your phone regularly and don’t want to worry about a fluctuating cellphone bill, the unlimited plan may suit you better.

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Varies based on plan. For 1 person: $20/month + $10/GB for data, or $70/month for unlimited For 2 people: $18/month + $10/GB for data, or $120/month for both lines unlimited. For 3 people: $17/month + $10/GB for data, or $150/month for both lines unlimited. For 3 people: $17/month + $10/GB for data, or $150/month for both lines unlimited.