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Published Jan 03, 22
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Network congestion & data deprioritization Cellular networks all have a threshold for how much data they can handle at any given time. If there are too many people on the same network in the same place, it causes network congestion. You’ve probably experienced the effects of network congestion at huge events where your wireless service, particularly data, acted sluggish.

Congestion is like a traffic jam, where more people are trying to get the same amount of data through the network at the same time. Because there isn’t enough room for all the cars on the freeway at the same time, each has to wait in a queue for its turn to move forward.

Generally, the network’s direct, postpaid customers get first dibs on data. A Verizon customer with a traditional plan who has not exceeded their high-speed data limit for the month has prioritized service over someone using Verizon’s prepaid MVNO service, a Verizon prepaid plan or a traditional Verizon plan that has exceeded its data limit for the month.

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Scams and robocalls According to a report released by First Orion, fraudulent calls increased drastically, from 3. 7 percent of all calls in 2017 to almost 30 percent in 2018, and that number has increased further into 2021. Many of these calls appear to come from local numbers, a practice called "neighborhood spoofing" spammers use to trick you into thinking the call might be important.

These spoofed numbers are also a large part of why many call blocking techniques are ineffective at stopping the onslaught of robocalls, as many call-blocking tools only prevent calls from known spam numbers. Adding your number to the Do Not Call List prevents certain legitimate telemarketers from contacting you but does little to deter illegal calls.

Don’t say anything, especially any personal information, since the call may be recorded. Don’t press a button to remove yourself from the list or to talk to a live person because these interactions encourage spammers to keep calling you. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently called phone providers to arms against robocallers, encouraging adoption of two authentication frameworks designed to catch spam calls before your phone rings.

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It works differently than 4G LTE in that it’s faster but over shorter distances. This requires infrastructure in the form of 5G cells, which the FCC protected against prohibitive upkeep fees. Mobile customers on 5G networks see faster download times and overall better network performance, but the tech benefits more than just smartphones, including smart devices, self-driving cars and virtual reality.

With 5G still relatively new, we can expect to see more developments over the next few years as it rolls out wider and eventually replaces 4G LTE.2021 mobile 5G network experience report Open, Signal’s Mobile Network Experience Report for January 2021 reports on speeds and network coverage across the US.

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Right now T-Mobile sits at the top of the list a the fastest 5G download and upload speed provider. That's thanks to an average download speed of 58. 1 Mbps compared to second places at 53. 8 Mbps from AT&T while Verizon lags behind at 47. 4 Mbps. Verizon did top this list last year but while it's lost a place on download speeds, it's still top for 5G video streaming with an average speed of 64.

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What are the best phones for 5G? If you are looking to go 5G, then you'll need to make sure your handset supports it. If you're starting a new contract with a cell phone provider, and you're signing up to 5G, they will only show you a list of compatible 5G phones.

In the unlikely event you're upgrading your plan and NOT your current phone, you need to check whether or not your cell phone will support a 5G signal. Generally speaking, all the new Apple i, Phone 12 models support 5G, as do the Samsung Galaxy S21s. Other phones vary, and some may have 4G and 5G variants of the same model.

While we like the more advanced models - we reckon the i, Phone 12 Pro is the pick of the bunch, with the regular i, Phone 12 next up, if you want to save a little money. The Mini also does 5G, but we'd only recommend this if you're on a tight budget for your handset.

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However, it's very tight between the Plus and the regular S21 - so either will suit your needs. The Plus is a little more expensive, but has a bigger screen, larger battery and a tougher case (at the rear). If you'd rather not go Samsung, we'd recommend the One, Plus 8T or 9.