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Published Jan 03, 22
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It's also highly rated for video streaming so is ideal for anyone that uses their data network for this regularly. 3. Visible: Best prepaid cell phone carrier, A superb prepaid carrier with good network and simple pricing, Network: 5GPlans: $40/month, Extras: Discounts for multi-line plans+Good network+Wide selection of phones+Unlimited data-Data capped at 5-12 Mbps-Only one plan, Visible is a great option if you want to go prepaid.

For $40 per month you get unlimited data, calls, and texts. Your data speeds are capped between 5-12 Mbps, depending on where you are in the country, which is enough for basic streaming, social media, emails and internet access. Sure, hardcore data-hogs will want quicker speeds, and a 5G plan (which Visible doesn't offer) but most users will be fine with these speeds.

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There are some good mid-range options, and a handful of budget handsets too. If you go pre-paid, you need to factor in the cost of financing a handset or buying one outright, which will add monthly cost. If you already own your phone, you can bring that across with you, which definitely saves cash.

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While priority is always given to Verizon customers, you'll struggle to notice slow-down in data speeds or network availability. Other benefits of Visible is that you can manage your account entirely via the Visible app, you can add additional people to your 'Party' and you both save money every month.

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AT&T Wireless: America's most popular network, One of the largest carriers, and it offers specialized plans for certain groups, Network: 5GUnlimited price: From $35/month, Budget plan: From $30/month, International unlimited calling: Yes+One of the fastest networks+Superb coverage+Veteran friendly-Expensive, AT&T is one of the big three cell phone companies and that means it owns and operates its own network of cell towers.

Depending on where you live, it might be the best cell network bar none. However, this also makes it expensive, so be warned. AT&T bests Verizon when it comes to plans for veterans and those still in the military, which they can extend to their families, so this is where it truly excels.

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Pricing starts at around the $30 per month mark and savings can be made for multiple lines on one contract. There are currently over 230 million AT&T customers in the US, so it's a popular choice. It has decent, but not the best customer reviews, and a good rating on the BBB.

5. Xfinity Mobile: Best for combining phone and Internet, Want to have phone and internet in a single package? This is for you, Network: 5GUnlimited price: $45/month, Budget plan: $15 per GBUnlimited International calling?: Yes+Great value+Flexible plans-You do need to combine with Internet service, One thing our service providers love is loyalty.

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Xfinity gives you unlimited 5G network access (so, data, calls, texts etc) for $45 per month, which is far lower than most plans on the big three networks. Sure, you're adding it to your fiber bill, so the total at the end of each month may seem eye-watering, but you're probably saving money overall on two essential services.

Verizon was rated as the best for 5G this year making this a big draw here. It's such a small downside but, honestly, it's tough to fault Xfinity's offering on the Verizon network. The range of phones is good and, if you don't want to go for the unlimited data option, you can choose to pay for your cell plan on a download basis - starting at $15 for 1GB of data.

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For anyone currently with Xfinity, it's a no-brainer, and if you're planning to sign up for your internet, you really should consider adding your cell plan too. 6. Mint Mobile: Best value 5GOutstanding value 5G and unlimited plans, Network: 5GUnlimited Plan: $30Budget Plan: $15Unlimited International Calling: No+Excellent value 5G+Good coverage-Suffers from deprioritization, Mint Mobile has recently launched a staggeringly good plan that gets you unlimited 5G (or 4G LTE if you're out of range), unlimited texts and calls, and free calls to Mexico and Canada for...

That's a fantastic deal, and you may want to know what the catch is. Well, there kinda isn't one, although this deal isn't quite perfect. Mint only offers the $30 rate for the first three months, and it rises to $40 per month after that. Not quite as good, but still fantastic for what you actually get.

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Technically, it's one of the best for 5G in the whole country, which is good - you're more likely to get a 5G signal that most other networks. The problem is that Mint users will suffer from deprioritization on this network, which means that in periods and areas of heavy usage, speeds will slow to allow regular T-Mobile customers priority access to data and cell signal.