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Published Jan 13, 22
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On another page, I list internet service providers in Boise. Interpreting Coverage Scores For Boise The Coverage Scores assess the quality of networks' cell phone service in Boise. The Coverage Scores don’t account for other factors like prices or customer support quality. Here’s an outline of what different Coverage Scores mean: 8.

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5 in Boise will experience a strong signal in outdoor areas by their residences. The large majority of people will experience a strong signal inside their homes. Few if any dead spots will be found when out and about in Boise. 7-8. 5 – The large majority of people will experience a strong signal in front of their residences.

Dead spots may exist within the city or town, but most people won’t encounter dead spots often. 5-7 – Most people will experience acceptable signal strength at their homes, but a substantial portion of people won’t have adequate service. In most cases, people should opt for a network with a higher Coverage Score.

I strongly recommend looking at coverage maps and talking with neighbors before choosing a network that scores in this range. 0-5 – If possible, opt for a network with a higher score. Consult carriers’ coverage maps if you have no better options. Other Ratings The Price Ratings and Support Ratings aren't specific to Boise.

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I don’t pretend there’s a sophisticated or scientific process behind the ratings. These simplistic ratings ignore nuance and collapse complex realities. For example, it’s tough to come up with a single price rating for a carrier that has great prices on some cell phone plans and terrible prices on other plans.

Catches & Gimmicks Cell phone carriers are notorious for putting annoying catches in price structures and service agreements. In the spirit of shedding light on what's normally hidden, here's what I view as the worst catches involved with the cell phone plans and carriers recommended in Boise. I've roughly ordered the listings by a combination of (a) how annoying I find the catches and (b) how poorly the catches are disclosed.

US Mobile charges a $2 per month service fee on many plans (unlimited data plans excluded). Customers on "unlimited" plans can only use 75GB in a month before speeds slow to a crawl. Customers on "unlimited" plans can only use 35GB in a month before speeds slow to a crawl.

Most T-Mobile plans have international roaming options. Connect plans do not. Mobile hotspot use is allowed and unlimited, but Visible may cap hotspot speeds to 5Mbps and limit subscribers to connecting one device at a time. Many carriers (particularly Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) entice customers with deals for phones purchased on multi-year installment plans.

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Promotional offers are often unavailable for customers that want to purchase phones upfront. Nearly all carriers charge taxes and some kind of "Regulatory Recovery Fee" on top of advertised prices. Transparency Coverage Critic has financial relationships with many companies in the cell phone industry, including almost all of the biggest carriers.

Here's a breakdown limited to carriers listed on this page (as of 12/9/2021): Verizon AT&T Mint US Mobile Visible A more thorough list of companies I have financial relationships with, along with details about the nature of many of the relationships, can be found on my transparency page. Feedback On Cell Phone Coverage In Boise If you have feedback about the coverage ratings or opinions about the best cell phone plans in Boise, please reach out! 1.

🠕 2. The underlying data is at the census-block level. In census blocks where carriers report partial coverage, I multiply the reported coverage level by the portion of the block that is covered. My approach isn’t perfect. Covered portions of census blocks may be more densely populated than uncovered portions of census blocks.🠕 3.

43% AT&T 0. 00% T-Mobile 99. 16% Again, the data in the table is likely unreliable for assessing coverage today.🠕 4. Network operators usually publicize when they bring millimeter wave 5G to new cities. I keep tabs on these announcements and maintain a database of cities where major networks offer millimeter wave 5G.

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Red marks Verizon, blue marks AT&T, and pink marks T-Mobile. Gray dots mark base stations from other networks. Medium-sized dots mark 4G base stations. The largest dots mark 5G sites. The smallest dots mark older cellular technologies. The underlying data comes from the Open, Celli, D Project and is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.

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My maps of base stations are in an early stage. Location data about base stations don’t directly impact Coverage Scores at this time.🠕 .